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plantonics properties for the tag
The points visualizer is a small plugin for Cinema 4D which can be used to assign different primitives to vertices.
If you have nothing more than a point cloud (laserscanner data for example) you can try to assign a small sphere to each vertex and let them merge with the so called metaballs to create some kind of rough surface around the cloud.
In the first picture you can see what happens when the point cloud gets denser: the spheres assigned to the vertices on the surfaces of the plantonic merge and a new rough surface appears.

Objective: Use a point cloud and create a solid object without spending a lot of time modelling.
In the next pictures you can see a point cloud from laserscanner data. The left motorbike got 10,000 points assigned, the right one only 1,000. In the next step the surface is created and as expected the left motorbike has more details.
So far everything is handled by the plugin, only a few adjustments in the parameters are necessary. To get a little more realistic look it's possible to add some primitives to the prepared object manually. Sure that does not really look like a cool modelled motorbike but it was just a few clicks with the plugin and five minutes adding primitives.

The plugin has been tested on Cinema 4D 8.5. You can download it by clicking the source button. Just copy the extracted folder in your Cinema 4D plugin folder and restart C4D to use it. Right click an object select add new tag and choose point visualizer. Play around with the parameters, also the metaball hull values are quite important for the final look.
Tell me what experience you made using the plugin.
download source
navparker wrote:
Love to see a new version for R14


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